Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day weekend

We were so happy to get out of the 110+ degree weather this past weekend and head up to the cabin again. It's so refreshing to be able to just let the kids run around and play outside.

Jake ready for combat with his "gun"
bang, bang!
Oh no! He's been hit!
Not sure if he's all the way dead though...
Better finish him off just to make sure.
Now, what's wrong with this picture? Lol!
Jake and Gav just chillin in the hammock while sharing an old fashioned orange soda.
Life just doesn't get much better than this.
Love the orange mustache.
Jake getting ready to eat a grasshopper. This one is for Grandpa. ;)
Kailey playing with a baby horny toad that Jake caught. There is always some sort of reptile/amphibian creature waiting to be caught by Jake. :)

Of course they wanted to keep it, but we let it go.

Gavin "fixing" his Jeep.

Cute Ashlyn chomping away on that finger. She's been doing that a lot lately since she's teething again.
Jake picked a dandilion to share with Gav.
The forest is full of beautiful dandilions like this.

Well, at least there was until my kids got to them all. :)
Maybe he should blow a little bit harder. ;)
Then Kailey wanted me to take some pix of her in her Halloween costume...
So we did.

She'll tell you that, "fairies are real because the tooth fairy is real."
We had to get a matching one for Miss Ashlyn too!

I think we'll call her the slobbery teething fairy. ;) Oh well, still cute anyway!


Richard and Jeannie Griffin said...

Really great post! I don't know which of the photos are my favorites, they all are so cute. I think a couple of the ones of Kailey and Ashlyn are worth framing in their Halloween costumes. Just precious. And I love the ones of Jake and Gavin with their gun fight. (A little concerning when Gavin went to finish him off.) But I don't remember how many times I killed my brother playing cowboys with our guns when I was their age. Boys will be boys. Looks like a great weekend full of fun. Love the photos. Good work with the camera. Love those kids.

Richard and Jeannie Griffin said...

Great job photos look awesome. Kailey is so cute in her costume love those photos. What a fun trip for your family.

Barbara Wiser said...

Look how big your puppy has gotten! Looks like such a good dog for the kids :)

Your pics are just adorable of your kids...i love how you photograph them!

Hope all is good with you...saw Justin across the room at Regan's wedding reception - sure miss you guys!

Anyway, just thinking about ya!

Kimberly said...

Wow, what GREAT photos!! I loved them all! But I have to say that I really laughed out loud when I saw Gavin finshing off Jake with the point blank hit to the head! Ha! Ha! Classic!! And Kailey is the most beautiful fairy I've ever seen. Ashlynn is the cutest! Love her curly hair. Of course your kids had to find the baby horny toad, so funny! The dandylion pictures are so perfect and a great way to capture childhood. Man, I wish we were there relaxing with you! What a fun get away for you all. And seriously, you've got some major talent when it comes to taking pictures!!

sista # 2 said...

Love the fairies and your piggies :)

Darci said...

Oh my goodness, these pics are amazing!!! Such talent you have and adorable kids to capture in all their childhood wonder and slaughter! Love how the boys will be boys and the girls are such pretty fairies! Doesn't get any better than that...seriously, love these pics, I want to keep going back to look at them again and again.

Darci said...

Okay so I just read over my comment and it sounded like a movie or book review! I give it two thumbs way up! I am such a dork...

Pamela said...

I can't stop crying and laughing at these pictures! They're wonderful! The orange mustache, fixin' his jeep, the gun shot to the head, blowing a little harder, and especially Kailey Girl pushing Jake in the jeep. Those girls are so beautiful. You're right...Life doesn't get much better.